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Episode 172 San Diego Fire Department – Live at HAI Heli Expo 2024 Vertical Booth

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Episode Description

On this episode of The Real ResQ Podcast, we join the San Diego Fire Department live at HAI Heli Expo 2024. Featuring Tim Olson, Helicopter Rescue Medic (HRM), Captain Paul Shuttleworth, and Pilot Crew Chief Deke McClintock.

These three guys sat down with host Jason Quinn to tell a couple of their most memorable rescue stories. Olson recalls his first rescue as a 14-year-old where a car crashed into a fountain.  Shuttleworth then shares a story from his experience battling a large fire, while McClintock recounts his first rescue as a pilot in command (PIC).

We continue with a story where Shuttleworth and McClintock responded to a rescue call for a victim hanging over a 100-foot cliff face as night approached.  Having to move fast with limited visibility pressing them, a simple question asked over the Axnes system, “Are you good?” and the response, “I’ve got him,” made an emergent rescue both easier and successful.

We close out talking about the Axnes system and the significant benefits it has had to their unit, missions, and better communications for all the crews.  Enjoy!

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