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Episode 181 [Full] Gwenny Lawson, flight nurse and director of EMS training for Impact EMS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Gwenny Lawson, a flight nurse and lead instructor for Impact EMS.

Lawson discusses her background and journey into nursing, as well as some impactful patient encounters. She emphasizes the importance of being present for patients and their families during critical moments. She also highlights the ripple effect that medical professionals have on their communities.

One of the stories Lawson shares is about a traumatic arrest and the successful return of spontaneous circulation. She shares two more remarkable stories that stand out to her. The first story involves a LifeNet flight to Omaha where they had to resuscitate a patient who suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle accident. The second story involves landing on a sandbar and walking through a river to pick up a patient who was not able to be carried out of the area.

Our next story takes place in Haiti, where Lawson volunteers with an organization called HERO. She describes the challenges and rewards of providing medical care in a developing country.

Lawson then goes on to share her experiences as a flight nurse and educator. She also emphasizes the importance of slowing down and being intentional with patient care. She highlights the value of continuous learning and the need to carry the right equipment. Overall, Lawson’s advice is to always keep learning and be open to the idea of being wrong.

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Gwenny Lawson’s Book – BUT WHY?: Going Beyond the What So You Can Understand the Why of Critical Care Transport

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