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Episode 183 [Full] James Dahmer, Canadian Rescue Specialist Paramedic

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by James Dahmer, rescue medic.

Dahmer shares his background and talks about how he got into search-and-rescue (SAR). He also recounts some of his most memorable rescues, including a fatal resuscitation in the Tantalus Range, and a rescue where he had to perform CPR on a longline.

This conversation highlights the challenges and rewards of SAR work in treacherous mountain environments. They discuss various incidents and challenges Dahmer has faced in his many rescue roles. These stories include a flight to rescue a patient in cold weather, the use of intraosseous (IO) and intravenous (IV) access, preventing IV from freezing in extreme temperatures, a large dockyard fire, a severe half torso laceration, and a major concussion case.

In this conversation, Dahmer shares his experiences and insights as a paramedic, hoist rescue specialist, ropes rescue technician, and ski patrol member. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the context and psychology of patients in pre-hospital medicine. Dahmer also discusses the challenges and creativity required in rope rescues and the physical demands of high-stress situations. He highlights the value of training and mentoring in the field, plus the need to pass on knowledge to the next generation and share stories in the SAR community. Enjoy!

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00:00 Introduction and Background

02:52 James’ Journey into Search and Rescue

09:43 James’ First Rescue

28:49 Resuscitation on a Long Line

33:19 Flight to the South

36:12 CPR Basics in Cold Weather

39:37 Intraosseous (IO) and IV Access

42:29 Preventing IV Freezing

46:32 Squamish Dockyard Fire

52:12 Half Torso Laceration

59:25 Major Concussion

01:01:50 Treating Hypothermia and Stroke Symptoms

01:04:07 Helicopter Rescue and Landing

01:05:27 Recovery and Gratitude

01:06:43 The Importance of Recognition

01:07:09 The Role of Mentors and Training

01:09:29 The Practice of Medicine and Trying New Techniques

01:11:59 Realistic Training and Pushing Boundaries

01:14:18 The Balancing Act of Risk and Rescue

01:15:30 The Limitations of Helicopter Rescue

01:19:22 Progressive Training and Building Skills

01:25:19 The Loneliness of Air Operations

01:27:22 The Speed and Efficiency of Helicopter Rescue

01:30:03 The Challenges of Helicopter Rescue in Canada

01:35:16 Triple Fatality at Shannon Falls

01:41:00 The Importance of Context and Psychology in Pre-hospital Medicine

01:43:18 The Challenges of Rope Rescue and the Need for Creativity

01:49:25 The Intensity and Physical Demands of High-Stress Rescues

01:56:40 The Value of Training and Mentoring

02:01:41 The Jelly Newton Piñata and the Importance of Sharing Stories

02:08:38 Train Your Replacement and Be a Genuine Mentor

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