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Episode 185 [Full] Matthew Paul Fithian, USCG Rescue Swimmer #04

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Matthew Fithian, United States Coast Guard rescue swimmer 04.

Fithian shares his experiences and career journey, including his upbringing, his time in bootcamp, his work as a flight mechanic, and his pursuit to joining the Coast Guard and becoming rescue swimmer 04.

Among his many stories, Fithian recounts a rescue where he was hoisted down to a vessel to pick up a victim who had lost his arm. He also dives into a daring rescue where he picked up 43 people and a dog from flood waters in Roanoke, Virginia, earning him an Air Medal for his bravery and dedication.

Fithian also talks about the Marine Electric incident, the search for pirates, and what his life is like today — his transition to the civilian world and his involvement in organizations like the Moose Lodge and Disabled American Veterans. Fithian emphasizes the importance of advancing in one’s career and not staying idle. Enjoy!

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