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Episode 187 [Full] Martin Lehmann, Denmark Rescue Swimmer from the Danish Air Force, Rescue Squadron 722

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Martin Lehmann, Danish Air Force Rescue Swimmer from Rescue Squadron 722.

Martin shares thrilling accounts of his missions, starting with his first, where he was still in the qualification phase and was hoisted into the bush to retrieve an elderly man. He vividly recalls rescuing two children swept away from shore in a dinghy, and being hoisted onto a burning vessel to save the sailors before it was too late. In the last mission he brings us through, he was hoisted onto a sinking fishing vessel to try and help save it.

Martin’s bravery and quick thinking in these high-pressure situations are commendable. As a rescue swimmer in the Danish Air Force, he shares his experiences and insights into their search-and-rescue operations. They use the EH101 helicopter, a variant of the Leonardo AW101. The Danish Air Force covers a vast coastline and provides medevacs from various islands to hospitals in Denmark. They also support the police and participate in international missions. Martin emphasizes the importance of taking it slow and maintaining a calm mindset during high-pressure situations. Enjoy!

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