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Episode 189 [Full] Harry Knight USN Rescue Swimmer and Volunteer EMT in Maryland

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined once again by Harry Knight, former Navy Rescue Swimmer.

In this part of the conversation, Jason and Harry discuss Harry’s passion for CPR and his extensive volunteer work. Harry shares his personal experiences with CPR and how it has made a significant impact on people’s lives. He also talks about the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal that he received for his volunteer service.

Despite going through tough times, Harry turned them into a positive by dedicating his time to help others. Harry discusses his experience as a volunteer in the Southern Maryland fire and emergency medical services. He talks about the importance of volunteering and the training opportunities that it provides. He also shares stories of his first EMS call and a memorable call involving a child.

Harry emphasizes the need for constant awareness and readiness as a first responder, as well as the importance of communication and coordination with law enforcement. In this part of the conversation, Harry shares two significant incidents that he witnessed. The first incident occurred in 1996, when he responded to a car crash and saved a woman’s life.

The second incident happened in 2022, when he witnessed a fatal head-on collision involving a semi-truck. Harry emphasizes the importance of seeking help and support for mental health after experiencing traumatic events. The conversation also touches on Harry’s recognition in a Navy magazine for his work in the Office of Naval Intelligence. He also discusses his experience as a disaster preparedness officer and the importance of having a medical response team in the workplace.

Harry shares stories of responding to multiple medical emergencies within a short period of time and highlights the value of having trained personnel on-site. Harry also talks about the unique opportunity to work alongside his son, who is a paramedic, and the memorable calls they ran together. He concludes by offering advice to listeners, encouraging them to pursue their passions and reach out for help when needed. Enjoy!

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