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Episode 39 Ebin Latrimurti Flight Paramedic Certified and Owner of EMS Unlimited

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Ebin Latimurti, a knowledgeable, professional, highly skilled paramedic, and owner/founder of EMS Unlimited .Throughout this interview, Ebin made several references to his skills not being quite the rescue stories usually heard on The Real ResQ Podcast. Ebin and all other essential medical workers with us at the scene play just as important of a role as those flying the aircraft, jumping out of the aircraft, fixing the aircraft, etc.Throughout this interview, we hear impressive stories of some of the medical cases that Ebin has been launched out to.And once again, we hear about the cruise ship referenced in prior episodes but this time, from the medic's point of view.Enjoy!



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