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Episode 56 Harold Hoffmaster USCG RS 230

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by USCG Rescue Swimmer #230, Harold Hoffmaster.He tells stories from all throughout his career, starting with a story from the small boat unit where he met his wife.Next, he shares about going through swimmer school where a “not going to quit” attitude helped him each and every day.Harold tells us about his first SAR case from his first Swimmer unit in NY, a case which turned out to be quite interesting.As you listen, you’ll hear him tell story after story, from the beginning to Corpus Christi, back to NY and NJ, up to MA which for him, entertained mostly benign rescues. However, all of his experience prepared him for the “Super Bowl of SAR”, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Harold had a stellar career and we loved having him on to talk about so many interesting cases. Enjoy!!




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