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Episode 57 Neville Murphy from the CHC Helicopters and Irish Coast Guard

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Neville Murphy from CHC Helicopters and the Irish Coast Guard.Neville is a winch operator, a winchman and a paramedic, based in Waterford, Ireland.When we discussed one of his very first cases, he was surprised when he walked in to see one of his friends.He tells of a cliff case, where a broken bone didn't stop him from completing the rescue.We discuss a case where the whole crew was recognized for a rescue from a huge cargo ship.He also discusses a rescue of a plane crash in the Irish Sea.He doesn't stop there either, even when he is off work, he is still on call. He volunteers with the local lifeboat as a rescue crew member. With a story from the boat side too, Neville has been a part of some great SAR stories.Enjoy!




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