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Episode 58 Dustin Bernatovich USCG RS 649 – Remembering a Veteran

Episode Description

In this Veteran’s Day episode of The Real ResQ, I wanted to record an episode that recognized and honored military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces.When thinking about how to do so, I immediately thought about my friend, fellow USCG Rescue Swimmer #649, Dustin Bernitovich.I wanted to highlight Dustin’s amazing career in the Coast Guard and his work that followed after his time in service.Dustin was humble, brave, larger than life in more than one way, and an incredible athlete. I wanted him to be remembered for what he did while serving in the United States Coast Guard.Because he is no longer with us, I am joined by his father Michael Bernitovich, and his best friend and better half, Donna Adams.Enjoy!

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