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Episode 63 Sam Fielder Australian Rescueman

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Sam Fielder, Aircrewman from Australia.Sam has been working since 2007 and has had a wild career.He brings us through two very memorable events while flying.We recap his first big incident while on a case, where the cable parted due to an entanglement and he fell to the deck. We review this case and the major importance of pilots' reference points.The second case was a training flight that started with a basic approach and entered the vortex ring, causing the aircraft to lose its lift and crash.We continued to debrief this case and what Sam went through after the crash and what it took to really get back flying again.We finish off with a few funny and happy SAR cases that he was called out for with a fun radio announcement at 4,000 feet.Enjoy!




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