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Episode 64 Todd Davis USCG RS 453

Episode Description

In the episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Todd Davis USCG RS #453. Dr. Todd Davis, a current university professor,and I take a trip down memory lane where he tells us about a quote that has stayed with him since Swimmer school. His instructor, Thor Wentz, would tell his students, “Keep your composure and finish the job.”This has stuck with Todd through everything that he has accomplished in his life.We get into some of his rescues, including an overdue vessel where the outcome was two frozen bodies, a lady that had a heart attack on a huge container ship in extremely high winds and rough seas, to dealing with the search for JFK Jr after his plane crash.Those words from Rescue Swimmer school continue to resonate with him as he finished his Doctoral degree, finished an Ironman, and among everything else that he has achieved through his life. Enjoy!




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