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Episode 66 Jason Orsborn USCG RS 280

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jason Orsborn, USCG RS #280.Throughout our conversation, he takes us through some incredible rescues during his time as a Rescue Swimmer.After he joined the Coast Guard at the young age of 17, he was at a small boat station where he experienced a few SAR cases.It was at that point in his career where he realized that he wanted to go to the next level in Search and Rescue.He did just that when he became a CG Rescue Swimmer.He recaps his first case as a Swimmer out of Port Angeles, Washington which was an overturned vessel and four people in the water.His next move was to San Diego, California, where he experienced a large number of and quite the variety of rescues.One story that we talk about includes a rescue of a Top Gun pilot out of the water who ejected out of his fighter jet.How many of us can say that we rolled a Top Gun Pilot and put him under the water so that we could gain control?! Enjoy!




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