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Episode 67 Marc Segal Retired EMS Battalion Captain

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Retired EMS Battalion Captain Marc Segal.In his 41 years of EMS, Fire and Rescue, he has some stories to share.We get into a handful of them in this episode.Some of Marc’s stories include an invention that he helped create that has gone worldwide, a major incident with a plane crash at LAX, and being called to the zoo and having to go into the lion's den. He told us about a call out to a club with an interesting twist and a dive trip to Papua New Guinea where saving a family member of the local tribe would make him an honorary tribesmen. He and his son, Jason responded to an officer down on New Years Eve.Marc also tells a very interesting and captivating story about a trip to Mexico that went much different than expected. We talked about a little cameo on a soap opera show and how he ran a few calls as a flight medic that had to go overseas. Even with all these stories, Marc has so many more to tell, we could have gone on for hours. Enjoy!





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