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Episode 68 Tyler Gaenzle USCG RS 797 and Air Force PJ

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Tyler Gaenzle USCG RS 797.His stories from being a Rescue Swimmer are incredible. His first case, with a victim who fell down a cliff, landed in a tree and had a broken back and shattered ankle. Ty brings us through everything he did in that case which earned him a Coast Guard Commendation Medal.The second case was another tough one.He deployed into 15ft waves to help a sailboat in distress.Pitching and rolling, he helped a couple and their dog off the boat and back to safety. Next we get into his case where he earned The Meritorious Service Medal for helping save a fellow Coast Guardsman who fell 400’ down the side of a mountain. He tells us of his last case while in the CG where a boat taking on water turned into a boat sinking and pulling him down with it.We don’t end there either, as a current U.S. Air Force Pararescue, he tells two of his cases that happen in Alaska.One on the side of a mountain and the other of a bear mauling.Enjoy!




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