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Episode 72 Jason Vaughn USN RS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jason Vaughn, US Navy Rescue Swimmer.We had a wicked fun conversation beginning with a story about a rescue he had while serving in the Navy.Jason talks about a vessel that was trying to dump their cargo to prevent getting detained for the illegal items on board. In this case, he volunteered to be deployed to help retrieve “contraband” out of the water.As the operation continued, the weather changed and started making the operation more difficult.The combination of the events that took place earned him a Navy Achievement Medal. Jason tells us about a case that happened in the Adriatic Sea where during a training flight, they came across a vessel that had hit something in the water punching a hole in it.Next thing they know, the crew is changing into a SAR configuration to assist 3 guys off the sinking vessel.With the quick response of the crew, this earned Jason a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.The last story he shares with us is not quite the rescue type story, but a phone call that came in requesting assistance.A unique experience where he and his crew were asked to help move a whale that had washed up on the beach.Next thing he knows, he and his crew are flying with a dead whale under their helicopter. Enjoy!




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