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Episode 73 Steve Ober USCG RS 01

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Steve Ober, USCG RS 01.This conversation was a blast for me. It was so much fun talking our way through Steve's crazy cool career! He begins by talking about how the road that led him to be a Rescue Swimmer. We talked about him getting through ASM “A” School before they had Rescue Swimmers. He tells us stories from his first AIr Station in San Diego, CA.When it came time to start implementing the Rescue Swimmer Program in the Coast Guard, Steve volunteered to embark on an unknown path that no one really knew what was going to come of it.After graduating Navy Rescue Swimmer School, he was stationed in Elizabeth City, NC. There he earned himself a Coast Guard Commendation Medal, which just so happened to be the first award ever given to a Rescue Swimmer.He takes us through a case where a guy was wrapped up in the winch and in critical condition. It took him over an hour to stabilize and package the patient. He covered a couple more cases out of Brooklyn, NY as well.I was so engrossed with Steve's stories of his career that we just kept on talking.It was a blast listening to all of his funny stories and how his career led him in all different directions. Enjoy!




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