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Episode 74 Phoenix Bean SAR and Flight Paramedic

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Phoenix Bean, Flight Paramedic from South Africa.For Phoenix, her story begins with a CPR class and a crazy incident at her home that led to her meeting her Paramedic mentor.She tells about an array of crazy calls that she has seen working throughout many different countries.As an “observer” at her first call, she assisted in responding to a pedestrian vs motor vehicle accident.After a few years of working in South Africa, she traveled to Zambia to expand her experience in EMS and SAR. While there, she encountered an incident involving a hippo and then another involving an elephant. From there she traveled to Sierra Leone and Liberia where she dealt directly with the Ebola epidemic.After a couple years there, she made her way to the UAE.With her first call there, a car accident that was way way off the road and was not the standard pass down that she was expecting.Phoenix takes us through a story with a couple tourists that found themselves stuck in the mangroves, in the mud, with their kayaks gone and no way to get out. We finish our conversation talking about situations that she has had to deal with and what she has done and continues to do to adapt and overcome the situations she has encountered.Enjoy!




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