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Episode 76 Kevin Kissner and Mike Abbott Virgina Flight Nurses

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Flight Nurse Kevin Kissner and Flight Paramedic Mike Abbott from Virginia State Police MedFlight Program.Their normal operations consist of scene call and hospital to hospital transports. On the days when they’re dispatched on a SAR call, the level of rescue is elevated to the next level. Kevin tells of his first SAR call in the Appalachian Mountains. A member of the local university’s cross country running group had fallen about 150 feet off the trail. Then Mike tells us about one of his rescues which literally came the day after Kevin’s call.At almost the same location, with almost the same scenario, Mike and his crew knew exactly what to do. We discussed a couple other rescues that stand out to them including a river rescue, heart attack patient, and a patient that was in a motor vehicle crash. We finished our conversation talking about training. Kevin and Mike stress the importance of having an outside training company, like SR3 Rescue Concepts, come in for proper hoist training. Once completed, they said the training changed their entire operation in multiple ways.By the end of the training, the crews had built incredible confidence with rescue and hoisting among the entire crew. Enjoy!




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