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Episode 77 Bill Moss aka Red Dogg USN RS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Bill Moss, aka Red Dogg, retired USN Rescue Swimmer.Red Dogg brings us back to 1963 when he graduated high school and came to his dad to say, “I want to join the Navy.” From there, began a life of adventure and service. He talks about his deployments all over the world and the adventures had at each of his assignments.We get into some of his very memorable rescues while in the Navy, two of which earned him Air Medals.One rescue took place in Hawaii in 1977, with victims stuck on the side of a mountain.The second was out of Nevada where an ice climber was stuck in the snowy mountains for 5 days.Our conversation included amazing stories and memories from Red Dogg’s incredible career in the Navy.He had some amazing advice to share with us as well.Red Dogg was a blast to have as a guest. Enjoy!




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