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Episode 78 Eric Williamson USN RS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Eric Williamson, retired USN Rescue Swimmer.Eric brings us through his incredible 30 year career with the Navy. He talks about a memorable experience that made such an impact on him.He watched the SAR alarm go off, the on-duty crew took off, and returned later with a family that they had saved.From that day forward, there was no quitting!We get into his first case which, like some, was a rough start to his career.Eric tells us about a dramatic rescue of a river rescue where 4 people were saved off of a car.This case was recognized and a letter was written to the crew from the House of Representatives. We keep going as we talk about another rescue which earned him recognition from Boeing for saving a survivor of a fishing boat.As we continue through Eric’s amazing career, we finish with his role as a Rescue Swimmer instructor and a glimpse of what goes on in the background of Rescue Swimmer School.Enjoy!




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