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Episode 79 Danny Huisman Winch Operator from Holland

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Danny Huisman, prior Air Force Fuel Technician from Holland.Danny tells us of how his career started while he was in the Air Force. As he watched SAR teams get called out on rescues, he knew that he wanted to be a part of it. After going to a ground simulator course and passing all the requirements, he thought he was guaranteed to get on the Air Force SAR teams.When that didn’t happen, one of his pilot friends called to offer him a job with a helicopter company that completes winching to wind farms offshore.After doing that for a while, he was offered a position in the company to do HEMS operations.With an additional three months of training, he had his first HEMS hoist flight to a supply vessel for a patient with an eye injury. We talk about his next rescue with a patient who had an injured foot off a fishing vessel in ten-foot seas. Then Danny tells us of another rescue that was a little more difficult for the crew. With a tight area to winch in, the vessel was not staying on course and the paramedic was getting hung up. Danny owned up to his mistakes on this case and we talked about the great lessons learned for all who were included in this rescue. We finish with one more rescue about a couple of windsurfers that found themselves way off shore and not able to get back. As Danny and team were out on the search, he compared it to ‘looking for a needle in a haystack’. Enjoy!




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