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Episode 80 Martin Nelson USCG RS 251

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Marty Nelson USCG RS 251.Marty starts out by talking about his first case out of Cape Cod, MA. He was sent out to help a 27 year-old who was having a heart attack on a fishing vessel. Next, we get into some of his cases while he was in the Coast Guard. The cases vary and with a long career, quite numerous.We talk about a torn carotid artery, an amputated finger with a patient who had a few drinks, a training flight with sharks in the water, responding to a patient with full thickness burns, a car that crashed into a huge pit, a response to a boat dead in the water drifting toward Mexican waters, and a sailboat that was battered from a storm. The stories were interesting and endless. We could have kept going! Finally, we recapped a case from Hurricane Katrina which earned Marty a Distinguished Flying Cross. Enjoy!




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