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Episode 83 Gonzalo Valderrama – Pilot from Peru

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Gonzalo Valderrama (aka Fonzy), a pilot from Peru. Fonzy served for years in the Peruvian Navy.He talks about a tough night rescue where three people on a fishing boat were taking on water.Fonzy tells about getting launched to a case where a plane crashed off the coast of Peru with a full group of people on board.As they were flying the coast line looking for survivors, Fonzy noticed an issue with the helicopter that wasn't normal.Upon return to base, during the post flight, a fishing line was found around the rotor head.After Fonzy left Peru, he flew in another operation overseas.He was called for a high risk hoist medivac off a ship where the patient had an open skull fracture. After dropping the medical crew off on the ship, they had to leave to get fuel.Fonzy finished off with some great advice about the importance of always using a checklist. Enjoy!




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