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Episode 85 Ashton Levarek USCG RS 533 and Air Force PJ

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Ashton Levarek, USCG RS 533 and Air Force PJ.Ashton talks about his first rescue as a USCG Rescue Swimmer, which was an overdue vessel where a boat was stuck in the mud and slinging a shotgun over the shoulder.He talks about getting called out for a patient that was hit in the face by a crowbar. He and his crew were launched out for a helicopter crash where they found some of the survivors floating after the crash.Next we transition into his career as an Air Force PJ.He talks about responding to a helicopter crash that happened as they were going into battle.How the habit of being calm and taking a minute “not to run to your death” stuck with him for future deployments. We end by talking about a good mindset to maintain for everyday life and what he is doing with his current business.Enjoy!




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