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Episode 88 Jason Hawes USN RS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jason Hawes, USN Rescue Swimmer.While he served only four years in the Navy, he earned a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and was recognized by the city of Roanoke, VA. He describes a rescue that is definitely one that he will never forget.He walks us through this incredible call out for a helicopter crash off his ship in twelve foot waves.When the alarm sounded, the first thought was, “this is just another drill.” Then they come up on scene where he was looking at his ship's helicopter crew in the water.At that point it was GO time for Jason and the RIB boat crew.Jason deployed off the RIB boat, swimming in 12-15 foot waves to rescue the four helicopter crew members. We talk about a diver who was disoriented underwater where they were doing surface dives to try and locate and get back to the surface.We finish off with a few training stories that remind us there is wildlife out there in the ocean.Enjoy!




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