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Episode 89 Frank Breese Firefighter Paramedic and Combat Medic

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Frank Breese, firefighter, paramedic, Army National Guard, and more.Being a 22 year paramedic, Frank has been there and done that.While he was in the Army, he did a tour in Iraq during the war as a Combat Medic. During that tour he completed 80 combat medical missions, 125 combat flight hours and earned himself two Air Medals.One mission that stands out to him was a rescue call out for a FOB (Forward Operating Base) that was hit during a sandstorm.Currently Frank is working in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a firefighter, a paramedic, and with heavy rescue and rope rescue units. He is also part of the USAR Team (Urban Search and Rescue) and the HSAR Team (Helicopter Search and Rescue), which can and have been deployed all over the country.Enjoy!




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