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Episode 90 Dillon Nelson and Jakoby his K9 Cadaver Search Dog

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Dillon Nelson, an Air National Guardsman and his dog Jakoby.This is a little different than your standard Search and Rescue team because Jakoby is a cadaver dog.For this duo, their missions are more of the Search and Recovery. As we know, not all Search and Rescue missions have a happy ending, however, with a way to get closure for the friends and family, Dillon and Jakoby are two that help make it happen.Dillon tells us a few of his memorable searches which include a missing 4 year old, a missing ROTC student, as well as a bit of a wild ghost story.Plus we get into all the training and what he and Jakoby have had to do in order to be nationally certified in the detection of human remains. Enjoy!




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