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Episode 92 The Finnish Border Guard Rescue Swimmer 40th Year Anniversary with Juha Raatikainen and Sami Olilla

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we have the honor and privilege to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Finnish Border Guard Rescue Swimmer Program. The Finnish Border Guard created an Air Patrol Squadron in 1981.After a few years of flying, they decided they needed Rescue Swimmers.On 01JUN1982, the Finnish Border Guard created their Rescue Swimmer Program.Without any formal training, instruction, or even knowing what they needed, Juha Raatikainen (JP) became Finnish Border Guard Rescue Swimmer #01.JP tells us of some of the growing pains they went through when the program began.He talks about the trial and errors with equipment, procedures, and the interesting collateral jobs that they were asked to do.He tells us of one of his first big rescues that had a tanker on fire.Next, Sami Ollila joins us again to explain what the Finnish Border Guard Rescue Swimmers do for recruitment, training, gear and more.Enjoy!




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