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Episode 93 David Weber National Park Ranger

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by David Weber – National Park Ranger, Paramedic, and Climbing Ranger. David splits his time between Teton National Park, WY and Denali National Park, AK. One of the first rescues he talks about was one of the first stories he remembers as a rescueman. The patient was injured in a location that was a far way up the river and trail. After an eight hour hike out, the patient was carried out on a litter. Then we get into a few stories that Dave remembers from climbing in Denali, one of which was a climbing incident where two guys had taken a long fall.He went out on another call for carbon monoxide poisoning and the non-standard response made for a very memorable rescue. Then we got into a wild story where a team of climbers had a fall. One of the victims had an open tib-fib fracture from the fall.As the hours passed, the team split up and made the rescue even harder.We also talk a little bit about good advice that we have been given over the years.A couple that we discuss are, knowing the difference between “YOU SUCK and THAT SUCKED” and “What's the plan and who's in charge?” Enjoy!




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