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Episode 95 Kurt De Boeck and Filip Windles Search and Rescue Divers from the Belgian Air Force

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Kurt De Boeck and Filip Windles, Search and Rescue Divers from the Belgian Air Force.As we start talking about their first rescues, Filip begins by detailing his case which involved performing CPR.For Kurt’s first rescue, Filip was with him as his instructor. Kurt recalls Filip looking at him and saying, “You’ve got it”. Filip tells a few more stories that stand out to him.One of his stories had me in awe. He dove into a capsized vessel and found victims still alive in an air bubble in one of the rooms. Another story he shared was a wooden fishing vessel in distress in Force 9 (50MPH) winds. Filip was on deck and the hoist cable was wrapped into the rigging of the boat and damaged the cable. This forced Filip to then take a rescue boat with the survivors back to shore.Later when they found that very same vessel washed up on shore in Holland, they realized that it was more than just a regular fishing boat. Kurt has a great story about being sent out to rescue a boat with stranded refugees. As they flew out to assist, he and his crew discovered a few people stranded on a buoy. They then found a large group of people who were in a small boat until they saw the helicopter arriving and started jumping into the water. Having stories from two different rescuemen had me enjoying this episode from beginning to end. Enjoy!




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