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Episode 96 John Blown from North Shore Rescue and Talon Helicopters in Vancouver Canada

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by John Blown from Vancouver Canada. John is a hoist operator for Talon Helicopters and the Air Operations Coordinator with North Shore Rescue. With his 20 years of doing volunteer Search and Rescue and the teams running hundreds of calls every year, he definity remembers a few rescues that he has done. His very first rescue was climbing a mountain in the middle of the night.He and his team were following another team of climbers up to the victim’s location.With headlamps on, while building the ropes system and rocks whizzing by them, they made it and were able to get the victims off of the mountain. Another of John's rescues was a missing snowboarder that he and his team found and were awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.He tells us about his first rescue as a hoist operator for a woman who had been lost overnight.Some of the stories we talk about do not always have a happy ending.Being in the area that he is in, they deal with a lot of body recovery incidents.From a cold waterfall recovery, to a plane crash that he responded to, and a lost hiker that made a call saying, “I’m lost” just before she fell off the trail, they have quite the array of calls. We finish on a positive note where he and his team recovered a snowboarder who was caught in an avalanche. Enjoy!




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