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Episode 97 Edwin Hannah USCG RS 450

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Edwin Hannah, USCG RS 450.Ed had an incredible career in the Coast Guard.As we get into our conversation, he takes us through some of the rescues that stand out to him.One of them was the rescue of a vessel that sank with Ed saving five lives, thus earning him a Coast Guard Achievement Medal.He tells us his crazy stories from Hurricane Katrina, which earned him another Coast Guard Achievement Medal. We go over a rescue that earned him a Coast Guard Commendation Medal for the case of a sailboat that “rolled in heavy seas”. Ed mentioned a few other stories in between the award rescues which were just as amazing.We finish off with some great advice about CRM.With a training flight that could have gone from bad to worse, Ed always kept it in his mind to speak up when needed.Enjoy!




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