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Episode 98 Dr Chris Hewitt Prehospital and Emergency Medicine Physician

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Dr. Chris Hewitt, Prehospital and Emergency Medicine Physician.Chris gives us a different perspective as the Medical Director from his background.He tells us of a story where he ran some of his junior medics through a tough scenario which turned into a real life save scenario six months later.With his type of training scenarios, he looks for his medics to “make a decision that's heading toward right.” We then get into a story about when he was working in Houston TX and he helped on scene with a terrible car crash.Our next story from Chris was while he was on a fixed wing flight on a C130.A hard landing literally cracked the tail of the C130, Chris never skipped a beat with his patient care. We finish our conversation talking about training scenarios and collaboration with a multitude of moving parts. Enjoy!




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