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Announcing Vertical HeliCasts

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Episode Description

Welcome to episode 102 of the Hangar Z Podcast, brought to you by Vertical HeliCasts

Yes, Vertical HeliCasts. You may wondering: What the heck is Vertical HeliCasts?

It’s an exciting new podcast network from Vertical and Vertical Valor magazines, the helicopter industry’s leading publications.

The Hangar Z podcast is proud to be part of the new Vertical HeliCasts family.

When Hangar Z host Jon Gray discovered podcasts, he loved them. He listened to them every day on his commute to the hangar. One problem he had was finding helicopter-related podcasts, so he spent time navigating podcast libraries looking for quality helicopter industry shows.

That problem has been solved with the creation of Vertical HeliCasts, the go-to helicopter podcast network.

In this episode, Gray speaks with Mike Reyno, the creator of Vertical HeliCasts and the owner of MHM Publishing (which produces Vertical and Vertical Valor magazines), along with Jason Quinn, the host of the Real ResQ Podcast; and Halsey Schider of The Helicopter Podcast. All three shows are now part of the Vertical HeliCasts network. This discussion focuses on what Vertical HeliCasts is and what they aim to do with it.

After you are done with the episode, check out the Vertical HeliCasts webpage at verticalhelicasts.com. While there, you can check out the awesome content being created by Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ Podcast and Halsey Schider of The Helicopter Podcast.

The Hangar Z Podcast would like to thank its sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and CNC Technologies, as well as its supporters on Patreon.

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