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What is Vertical Helicasts?

Vertical Helicasts keep you up-to-date with all that’s happening in the world of rotorcraft.

Join hosts Jon Gray, Halsey Schider, Jason Quinn, Val Medved and more in captivating stories and tales from around the rotorcraft industry. Stay up-to-date with the latest in news and events throughout the industry with our weekly podcasts.

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The Hangar Z Podcast

The Hangar Z Podcast interviews dive deep into the individuals who play crucial roles within aerial firefighting, search & rescue, EMS, and law enforcement sectors. Our episodes feature insightful conversations with pilots, tactical flight officers, flight nurses & paramedics, and the indispensable aircraft maintenance technicians who form the backbone of aviation unit operations.

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The Helicopter Podcast

Welcome to The Helicopter Podcast, with your host Halsey Schider! This podcast is for helicopter pilots, maintainers, and enthusiasts! The podcasts will feature guests from a wide array of industry sectors to have casual conversation, answer questions, give sound advice, and talk shop.

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The Real ResQ Podcast

The Real ResQ Podcast is a compilation of personal stories from people who have put their lives on the line and made some incredible rescues. Men and women from around the world, from different branches of service, and with a variety of experiences have been guests on our show.

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Vertical MRO Podcast

Welcome to the Vertical MRO Podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of helicopter maintenance, repair, and overhaul. Our episodes feature MRO experts who share invaluable tribal knowledge and stories that are sure to inspire current and aspiring industry maintainers.

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