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Episode 78: RJ Garwood on Survival

Episode Description

Episode 78 of The Hangar Z Podcast is brought to you by Vertical Valor Magazine.

This is one of our most important episodes ever. We got the opportunity to sit down with our friend RJ Garwood from Huntington Beach PD Air Support.

RJ was the PIC on February 19th, 2022 flying over a fight call in Newport Beach, California. After establishing an orbit over the incident RJ and Nick Vella who was acting as the tactical flight officer on this night experienced an uncommanded right yaw. The aircraft ultimately crashed into the water off Newport Beach approximately a quarter mile from the incident they had been working.

Nick Vella did not survive the incident. RJ survived and is with us to talk about it. RJ is transforming a tragic situation into something that will spur change in the industry and save countless lives.

You won’t want to miss a minute of this impactful interview with RJ Garwood as he talks about surviving the incident and a career in public safety both mentally and physically.

The Hangar Z Podcast would like to thank its sponsors Metro Aviation, SHOTOVER, and CNC Technologies, as well as Patreon.

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