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Episode #44 – The Unveiling of HeliCasts feat. Hangar Z, The Real ResQ

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Episode Description

In Episode No. 44 of The Helicopter Podcast, we unveil a monumental development that’s set to redefine helicopter podcasting – Vertical HeliCasts! This first-of-its-kind platform is the brainchild of aviation media legend Mike Reyno, the owner of MHM Publishing and publisher of Vertical and Vertical Valor magazines.

The Helicopter Podcast is taking an exciting step forward by forging a dynamic collaboration with Vertical HeliCASTS, along with two other stellar shows: The Hangar Z Podcast with host Jon Gray and The Real ResQ with host Jason Quinn. It’s a powerful trifecta of helicopter content!

Vertical HeliCasts aims to deliver a full multimedia experience. Imagine written articles springing to life as captivating podcasts. Vertical HeliCasts is your one-stop shop for helicopter-related content, working seamlessly with other MHM Publishing juggernauts like Vertical and Valor.

In today’s episode, we sit down with Mike Reyno and the incredibly talented podcasters Jon Grey and Jason Quinn. Join the discussion as we introduce Vertical HeliCasts to our cherished listeners. Our enthusiasm for the future of helicopter podcasting knows no bounds. Trust us, this is an episode you cannot afford to miss.

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