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Episode #61 – Kenny Keller: Helicopter Online Ground School

Episode Description

In episode 61 of The Helicopter Podcast, join host Halsey Schider in a captivating conversation with Kenny Keller, the mastermind behind Helicopter Online Ground School (HOGS).

As a seasoned pilot and expert in ground training, Keller shares his invaluable insights into the intricacies of pilot training and check rides.

Delving into his own experiences, Keller sheds light on the nuances between check rides conducted by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors and those facilitated by designated pilot examiners (DPEs).

Listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and successes in helicopter pilot training, as well as the common trends and pitfalls observed by Kenny over recent years.

Whether you're an aspiring pilot or a seasoned aviator, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences from the world of helicopter aviation.

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