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Episode #64 – Eli Bickley: Current flight instructor

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider is joined by Eli Bickley, a certified flight instructor (CFI) currently on his path through instruction, with nearly 600 hours of flight time.

Together, they explore Bickley’s journey, tracing his transition from entrepreneurship in the landscaping industry to a dedicated pursuit of aviation.

Bickley candidly shares the intricacies of balancing rigorous flight training with the demands of business ownership. He reflects on the challenges encountered along this transformative path, underscoring the significance of online ground school and the necessity of unwavering focus across all facets of life.

He recounts the pivotal moments of his flight instructor journey, emphasizing the critical role of vigilance against overconfidence and complacency in piloting. Bickley also illuminates the profound impact of flight instructors as mentors and life coaches, shaping the trajectories of aspiring aviators.

Listen in to this enlightening episode of The Helicopter Podcast for a nuanced exploration of the path to flight instruction in the modern aviation industry.

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