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Episode #65 – Nick Paladeni: From office windows to helicopter windshields

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Episode Description

In this captivating episode of The Helicopter Podcast, join host Halsey Schider as he sits down with Nick Paladeni, a seasoned helicopter pilot with a broad range of experience.

From their shared roots in Oregon, to their formative years at Hillsboro Heli Academy, Paladeni provides a fascinating glimpse into his journey.

Paladeni discusses his transition from a corporate job to the exhilarating realm of helicopter piloting, underscoring the importance of embracing new opportunities.

Paladeni’s career has taken him all over the country, from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, to longs flights over the Gulf of Mexico, to operations in the busy Manhattan airspace.

The two talk about the  vital role of attitude and integrity in the tight-knit helicopter community, sharing anecdotes from their diverse experiences

Tune in to this episode of The Helicopter Podcast for insight and lessons gleaned from Paladeni’s journey, and gain a newfound appreciation for the boundless possibilities of a career in flight!

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