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Episode #66 – Jessica Burch: National Guard Blackhawk Pilot and Meteorologist

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Episode Description

In this special episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider sits down with Jess Burch, a meteorologist and helicopter pilot, in celebration of Women in Aviation Week.

Explore Burch’s fascinating journey as she navigates the skies and airwaves, from her start with ROTC, to flying Blackhawks in the Army, to working as a meteorologist for NBC and flying in the California National Guard. 

Burch shares insights into the rigors of Army Flight School, the intersection of military service and civilian life and the vital role of the National Guard in search and rescue missions.

Tune in to The Helicopter Podcast for an engaging dialogue filled with great stories, insightful perspectives, and a shared celebration of Women in Aviation Week.

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