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Episode #70 – Max Lyons: Owner and CEO of Hillsboro Aviation

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Episode Description

In this captivating episode of The Helicopter Podcast, host Halsey Schider has the pleasure of sitting down with Max Lyons, the visionary owner and CEO of Hillsboro Aviation.

From Schider:

“This conversation held a special resonance for me, as Hillsboro Aviation is not just any company—it’s where I got my start in the aviation industry and called home for seven years. Despite knowing Max well from my time at Hillsboro Aviation, this conversation peeled back layers of his story that were new to me, offering an enriching depth to what I thought I knew.

“Max took us through a nostalgic journey, recounting the early days and the historical evolution of Hillsboro Helicopters, now known as Hillsboro Aviation. His narrative was not just a chronicle of growth but a testament to innovation and foresight in aviation training. Max shared his groundbreaking vision for flight training, which was not confined to helicopters alone but encompassed airplanes as well. He elaborated on how he revolutionized the training landscape, creating unprecedented pathways for international students to pursue flight training—an initiative that has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the industry.

“A pivotal moment in our discussion was Max’s reflection on the significant decision to sell the flight school a decade ago. This decision marked a new chapter for Hillsboro Aviation, one that we delved into with keen interest. Max’s excitement was palpable as he spoke about the present and future of Hillsboro Aviation, particularly highlighting the construction of their impressive 51,000-square-foot facility on the northeast side of the Hillsboro airport. This facility is not just a structure; it’s a symbol of innovation and forward-thinking within the aviation sector.

“Also exciting was the conversation around the addition of the H145D3 Airbus helicopter to Hillsboro Aviation’s fleet. Max’s enthusiasm about this helicopter serving as a ‘type two’ firefighting platform was infectious. He shared his conviction that this platform represents the future of helicopter firefighting, particularly for type two aircraft, showcasing his continuous forward-thinking vision for the industry.

“Having Max Lyons as a guest was an absolute delight. His forward-thinking perspective, combined with a deeply personal connection to the origins and growth of Hillsboro Aviation, made for an engaging and insightful conversation. It was a privilege to share this intimate dialogue with him, exploring the past, present, and promising future of Hillsboro Aviation.

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