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The Helicopter Podcast: Episode #45 – Ron Bergman – Helicopter pilot, business owner

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Episode Description

Welcome to Episode #45 of The Helicopter Podcast!

In this exciting episode, special guest Ron Bergman joins the show from Finland. Host Halsey Schider and Bergman engage in a captivating discussion, comparing helicopter training in Europe to Schider’s own training experiences in the United States.

It’s a fascinating exploration of the differences and similarities in the training approaches on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Bergman takes us on an incredible journey, sharing why he purchased a local helicopter business. Tune in to hear about the highs and lows of running a helicopter operation, offering a unique perspective into the challenges and rewards of the industry.

Social media plays a significant role in this digital age, even in the helicopter world. Bergman talks about how he’s found joy in sharing helicopter content on Instagram, turning it into a platform for aviation enthusiasts.

And for some real adrenaline-pumping moments, Bergman recounts an incident involving engine troubles in a Bell 206 Long Ranger that led to a precautionary landing. His firsthand experience provides a thrilling and educational insight into the world of helicopter emergencies.

Don’t miss this fantastic episode of The Helicopter Podcast. It’s filled with engaging discussions, personal stories, and valuable insights into helicopter aviation. Tune in now!

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