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ASTerisk Vertical HeliCasts Launch Announcement

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are announcing the launch of Vertical HeliCasts, an exciting new podcast network from the team behind Vertical and Vertical Valor magazines.

The Real ResQ is pleased to join the Vertical HeliCasts family, along with other industry-leading shows like The Hangar Z Podcast with host Jon Gray and The Helicopter Podcast with Halsey Schider.

Vertical HeliCasts is positioned to become the go-to helicopter podcast network.

In this episode, we speak with Mike Reyno, the creator of Vertical HeliCASTS and the owner of MHM Publishing, the company that produces Vertical and Vertical Valor; along with Jon Gray from The Hangar Z Podcast and Halsey Schider from The Helicopter Podcast.

This discussion provides an introduction to Vertical HeliCasts, with an overview of what to expect as we grow the network. Starting today, you can find new episodes of The Real ResQ at verticalhelicasts.com, as well as in your favorite podcast apps.

Check out the latest episode, and join us on this exciting new venture. Please also check out The Hangar Z Podcast and The Helicopter Podcast.

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