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Episode 174 [Part 2] Phillip Powell USCG Flight Mech

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ is joined by retired U.S. Coast Guard flight mechanic Phillip Powell. Powell continues to share his experiences and challenges in hoisting and rescuing people during his time in the Coast Guard.

Powell also talks about Internal Communications Systems (ICS) failure and the ICS boots he developed to prevent water intrusion. He recounts his experience during Hurricane Harvey and the challenges the Coast Guard faced in conducting search-and-rescue operations.

Powell discusses various aspects of helicopter rescue operations. He emphasizes the responsibility of the flight mechanic in ensuring the wellbeing of Coast Guard swimmers, and the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the field. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into the challenges and best practices of helicopter rescue operations. Enjoy!

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