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Episode 175 – Thomas ‘Buck’ Beaudry, US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer 175

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Thomas “Buck” Beaudry, U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) Rescue Swimmer 175.

At a young age, Beaudry planned to be a firefighter like his brother. However, as life seems to go, his path changed when he failed one of the tests. This became “a blessing in disguise,” as it led him to joining the Coast Guard and becoming a rescue swimmer.

Throughout this conversation, they talk about his amazing 29 year career in the USCG, including his first rescue: A medevac off of a large Japanese ship that was 300 miles off shore. Then they get into more of his rescue stories that earned him an Achievement Medal for multiple rescues that occurred over a short period of time in Cape Cod. He received a Coast Guard Commendation Medal for a man stuck on a barge in big seas and 80-knot winds. Next, they get into his Air Medal case, where he worked with another swimmer to rescue six people in 20-foot seas and 40-knot winds. Lastly, they get into the emotional rescue of a father and son who were in the water due to their canoe flipping over. Following the rescue, the crew went to visit the family in the hospital and received a letter from the family thanking them. Enjoy!

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