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Episode 176 [Part 1] Jason Ramos, retired firefighter, smokejumper and author

Episode Description

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ is joined by Jason Ramos, a retired firefighter, smoke jumper, author of Smokejumper, and so much more.

Ramos shares his experiences and insights. He discusses his background, including his various roles in the fire service. Ramos recalls his early days as a volunteer firefighter and the intense and challenging calls he responded to. Additionally, he shares stories of memorable calls that left a lasting impression on him.

Next we talk a little bit about the training and delve into the challenges to become a smokejumper.  Ramos shares his experiences during his first job, jumping into an area with a bunch of rocks all over the field. This is where it all began for him and his crew as they battled the fire for the next couple days.

We divert a bit into a few other topics where Ramos discusses different scenarios on scene, such as, “What happens if you land in a tree?” or, “What happens if you have an injury when you are in a scene?”  In addition, we get an insider look into a few extra skills that smokejumpers learn.  Enjoy!

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