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Episode 176 [Part 2] Jason Ramos, retired firefighter, smokejumper and author

Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ is joined by Jason Ramos, a retired firefighter, smoke jumper, author of Smokejumper, and so much more.

Ramos recounts some memorable fire jumps, including a close encounter with a boulder. He shares various stories from his career as a smokejumper. He talks about getting lost in the wilderness and the importance of never leaving your gear behind. He also shares funny anecdotes about calling radio stations from remote locations and requesting songs to help keep morale up on scene.

Ramos discusses the unique experiences of being part of a helitack crew and the thrill of initial attack. He also opens up about the traumatic events he has witnessed and the impact of PTSD on his life. Additionally, he shares his encounters with Bigfoot and the importance of survival skills and foraging in the wilderness.

Ramos recounts his last jump and the challenges he faced, including dealing with whooping cough and a back injury. He emphasizes the importance of listening and communication in all aspects of life.

Finally, Ramos shares lessons that he learned as a firefighter and smoke jumper and relates it to his current work as a drone pilot. He discusses the advancements in drone technology for search and rescue operations. Enjoy!

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