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Episode 180 – Part 2 – Kristin Gousse and Jeremy Urekew from Powell County, Kentucky, search-and-rescue team

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part series, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ is joined by Kristin Gousse and Jeremy Urekew from the Powell County, Kentucky search-and-rescue team.

We talk about a story involving four hikers who were stranded atop Courthouse Rock due to rapid changing weather conditions. The rescue team considered various options, including a climb up and rescue of the hikers using ropes. Ultimately, they decided a helicopter was the best option. The rescue gained national attention and was featured on Good Morning America.

They get into another rescue that happened two days prior to our recording.  This is the first time the full story had been released. An off road vehicle had taken a plunge down a cliffside and had a woman injured and stuck at the crash.  A full team spent hours in the dark to get her out.

The rest of the conversation covers the importance of training and experience, the desire to be first on the scene, respecting other rescuers, challenges faced during rescues, lessons learned, international rope rescue competitions, and advice for rescuers. Enjoy!

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